Hay Day Update (version 1.17.94) latest update

Hay Day Update : Gameplay update is here. Update your game to have lots of new stuff on your game. Jump to the game and claim 3 free diamonds for update.

New features on version 1.17.94

Andalusian Donkey : Unlock your new donkey at level 55.Buy Donkey house before your buy new Donkey.

Invite close friends on Neighborhood : To add close friends on your neighborhood visit your friend's farm and Tab invite.

New Decos Rose Fence  : Decorate your farm with new flower. Unlock new decos at level 53.

Smoothie Mixer : New product on this update. Unlock this mixer at level 64.

Gameplay Space : Add more space on your gameplay. Use your Land DeedMallet and Marker Stakes to increase your space.

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