Personal Event goal start now on fishing area!!!

Eggstravaganza competition result

Hay Day Monday for Boat order

Weekly Eggstravaganza Competition start now!!

Want to have pet on Hay Day farm?

River Boat season – Personal Event Goals start Now!!

Old concept for fishing hut!!! back of the game

Hay Day Boat Tips

Winner of Eggstravaganza competition!! – February

How do i help my friend?

Post your neighbourhood name on hay day !!

Special Valentine's Eggstravaganza hay day!!

Weekend Tips : Hay Day still has some issue for facebook connection.

Tomorrow Eggstravaganza competition on Facebook Hay Day

Feedback time for recent update – hay hay !!

Hay Day Update – lots of new stuff on Hay Day

Ask anything to Greg on Hay Day Game!!

Tom helps you on Level 14 for three days!!!

Hay Day Update is Ready this week!! Update your game Now!!

Winners of Weekly Eggstravaganza Competition hay day

Supercell been hacked by Ethical Spectrum!!

Weekly Eggstravaganza start now on Hay Day !!

Donkey needs a friend!! New animal on Hay Day!!

Truck Delivery Bonus Event start now – Double up your gold on Hay Day!!

Adding facebook friends on Hay Day Game!!

Claim your free Diamond for Ending Winter!!

Hay Day Chatters on next update!!!

Last chance to buy winter Decos!!

Eggstravaganza competition winners this week!!

This Monday is Super Monday with Hay Day!!

Weekly Eggstravaganza competition on hay day game for 150 diamonds!!

Need bolts, saws, screws, carrots on Hay Day?

Happy Chinese new year from hay day game!!!

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