Update June 2015

June 11, 2015 By hayday 0

New update on the way

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Update now on Android and IOS.


Smell like sneak peeks : New update is on the way. There will be big update on this summer. Stay tune for news. We will share every update on Google plus and Facebook.

update june

1. Sneak Peek: New Production Machine – Pasta Kitchen and new products! Like and share to add new friends.

update june 2

 2. Sneak Peek: Summer on Hay Day. Summer theme coming to Hay Day!! It’s going to be summertime and your favourite animals will be dressed up for the occasion.

summer hay day


3. Sneak Peek: New Decorations – Ditch and Trails with which you can create all kinds of nice new setups on your farm and town!

hay day towns

4. Sneak Peek: New Pets – Tuxedo Kitten & Hound Puppy! Like and share if you love puppy.

neak Peek New Pets


5. Sneak Peek: New Derby tasks, improved search, new minimum level to join a neighbourhood and improvements.


6. Sneak Peek: New in-game Events. Join more event and earn more coin and gift.

New in-game Events

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boom beach


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Watch the video how to Creat & Join a Neighborhood . Read full steps