Update Hay Day – September 2015

Update now on Hay Day


There is update on Hay Day. This update available on IOS and Android version.

For optional Update click below and check from the game

Click here to update on Android.

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Official news below:

What’s New: Derby Leagues!
• During the next derby race, place in the top 3 and progress to the next league! But collaborate with your neighborhood to stay out of the bottom 3, otherwise you’ll drop a league.
• More horseshoes, more tasks and more trophy rewards await those in higher leagues!
• You can now opt out of the next Derby if you’d like, but remember to opt back in afterwards!
• Leaders and co-leaders can now choose to show all members’ Derby points!
• Many new exclusive decorations as Derby rewards!
• Coming soon: stay tuned for a very special Champion League

Community requested Features:
• New horse pet: Lipizzaner. Welcome this white beauty to your farm. (Unlocked at Level 47 and will cost 30 blue, 20 purple and 10 gold vouchers)
• Bush placement: when planting several bushes in a row, the game will now remember your orientation choice.
• Town Hall visitor list: improved sorting order.

• The Fall theme has arrived to Hay Day.
• New decorations in the shop.
• Updated soup kitchen visuals.
• Arabic support added.
• Various bug fixes and tweaks. Read forum

Update on IOS 


Upcoming update on Hay Day

Play on Desktop Now 

Let’s look at the upcoming new features on Hay Day. Post your idea on the comments below and let us know if you like these features or not. We love your feedback.
Sneak Peek 1: Derby Improvements such as Opt in/out for the next Derby and possibility to show the Neighborhood Derby Task Log. Post your comment about this feature on the gameplay.

Derby Improvements


Sneak Peek #2: A new Horse – the Lipizzaner. Hay Day is coming to add a new pet on the gameplay and you will be able to buy this new horse Lipizzaner. Post your comment below.

A new Horse



Sneak Peek 3#: This is the big one – Derby Leagues!! Race to higher leagues for more rewards and tasks.

This competition will lead world class gammer from all over the world. Must check leagues and win great rewards.

Derby Leagues


Sneak Peek 4#: Fall Theme. We know the falling is very close to us and Hay Day has changing the gameplay theme. Wait for the update to change the theme. Post your ideas.

Fall Theme


How Derby Leagues works? Watch video here


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