Update soon on Hay Day

March 7, 2015 By hayday 0

update on hay day

Update is coming soon on Hay Day.

There are some new product and machine will be available on the gameplay. Please post any idea you have for the upcoming update.

Sneak Peeks # 1 Hat Maker and Products

Make hats for the visitor and sale for Hay Day coin.

Hat Maker & New Hats

There are more coming up …. Stay tune with Hay Day Google Plus

Sneak Peek #2 : Puppies

After a lot of request we got Peek Puppies on the gameplay. Post your comment if you like Puppies.


Sneak Peek # 3 Kittens and Kitten houses

Do you want to have Kittens on your farm? It’s coming on the next update.


Sneak Peek # 4

New decos: There are lots of new item coming on Hay Day to decor your farm. Stay tune for update.

new decor



Sneak Peek # 5 Neighborhood Derby

Join to the new Neighborhood Derby and win lots of prize and be the best in your community. Be the hero and the make your farm best farm by winning prizes.

Neighborhood Derby

Watch the trailer for Neighborhood Derby and Subscribe to Youtube. 

Sneak Peek # 6 : New Levels for all Town Buildings

Great look of all the buildings on Hay Day. Maximum level has been increased and will give a great farming experience.

New Levels for all Town Buildings