Marvel: Avengers Alliance On Facebook

Marvel: Avengers Alliance


Are you a big fan of all avengers alliance? You like comics and heroes from the Marcel movie?

Here is game you can play on Facebook using your Facebook account. Experience the marvel gaming idea and feel like super heroes.

In this blog i will keep posting news for free gold and guide you for any technical issue. Stay touch with us to get your free gold everyday. For free gold and silver you must click link and logon to your Avengers profile.

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This game also available on IOS and Android devices. Below i will leave link to download direct from appstore/google play.

To play on Facebook you must allow the game to access your facebook profile. Don’t worry it wouldn’t share any unwanted link to your facebook profile unless you like to share with your friends.

Avengers alliance is a social game and it allows you to link with your social friend, you are able to send gift through the game, share your achievement with facebook friend. 



Play Now on Facebook 


For daily bonus keep your eyes on our Blog and click the shared link to accept. For game walkthrough Visit forum and watch videos. If you stay in touch with our blog post you don’t need to buy any gold from the game and waste your money.

For the beginners follow the steps to startup the game: 

Step 1: Chose your gender and continue to customize your hero as you like. Don’t worry there is a walkthrough for first 2 levels.



Steps 2: Follow the walkthrough and select your favourite team. Play with enemy and win the battle.


Step 3: Train your heroes and buy weapons to damage your enemy. Visit our blog to get free gold and use them to buy new weapons.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.49.14 PM

Step 4: Keep collecting your free gift to buy new item and share with your facebook friends.

Step 5: Connect with your friend and invite new friends to join with you. Also ask them to help you when you need extra help.


Step 6: Keep playing to upgrade your gaming level. Avengers Alliance also available on your smart phone. So download them from the link below.

For any support click the support page: Support page for Avengers alliance


 Download on IOS devices FREE

Download on Android devices FREE


For free Gold and Silver follow link below:


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