Hay Day Update Now

Hay Day Update Now

Hay Day Summer update is live now on the gameplay. Update is on Android and IOS devices.

There will be 5 free diamonds for each player to update summer theme. There are a lot of new stuff has added to the gameplay. Find out what’s new added >> 



New features from forum supercell official. Read more

Introducing: Neighborhood Trading!
• Tap on your new neighborhood birdhouse to request crops and products without worrying about anyone snatching them away!
• Help out your neighborhood friends with their requests, earn XP and gain access to exclusive neighborhood titles to show off (refreshed on a weekly basis).
• Unlock awesome visual improvements to your neighborhood area by completing new Neighborhood Trading achievements.

Other community requested features:
• New derby tasks: Complete specific production and town visitor tasks.
• New crops: Plant Onions and Tea leaves.
• New trees: Grow beautiful Orange and Peach trees.
• New machines: brew 6 different aromatic teas in the Tea Stand and create 4 original and tasty dishes in the Taco Kitchen.
• New products: added a whopping 13 new products to your pre-existing machines.
• Improved neighborhood search: now you have a unique tag for your neighborhood, so new members can easily search for it.

Additional features:
• Things are heating up! The summer theme is here again!
• Chat improvements: enabled native keyboard, and reversed chat direction support.
• Edit mode fixes and system stability improvements.
• Stay tuned for our birthday celebration starting from June 24th!

If you have problem to update your game please let us know the issue and share with the Hay Day game Google Plus community.

Visit support center for help regarding any issue. We have pre-answered supports page to help you and have a good experience of gaming life. Visit the Support page 

If you have any other issue and you need support for summer update please write us an email to get support. Make sure you add details of your issue to get right direction.

Watch the video and learn about Neighborhood Trading. Update now and add new product to your Hay Day farm.

Sneak Peek #5: Added a whopping 23 new products for the new machines, and your pre-existing machines!!

Forum exclusive – the full list of products and unlock level:

Grilled Onion LVL68
Onion Dog LVL80
Orange Sorbet LVL78
Peach Ice Cream LVL83
Marmelade LVL74
Peach Jam LVL79
Orange Juice LVL71
Peach Tart LVL76
Fruit Salad LVL82
Summer Salad LVL84
Salsa LVL77
MixedSmoothie LVL88
Onion Soup LVL72
Taco LVL77
Fish Taco LVL79
Quesadilla LVL82
Nachos LVL87
Green Tea LVL80
Milk Tea LVL81
Honey Tea LVL83
Lemon Tea LVL86
Orange Tea LVL89
Iced Tea LVL9

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Update now on IOS devices or Update now on Android devices. Let us know your feedback about the summer update. Comments below what your experiences about a huge update.


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