Hay Day Update for Christmas NEW

Update now: We are back to online with Christmas update. Jump into your game and load your game with lots of new stuff. Let us know if you like the update by commenting below. Have a great Christmas. We have great Christmas gift for you here GET YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT. Read more about update on forum.

We love Sneak Peeks and it’s very close. See all the update news for up coming update on Christmas. All the Sneak Peeks tells you what new stuffs are coming on new update. Post your comments and share with your Hay Day friends.

Sneak Peek #1: In-Game Friends and Friend Book! You’ll be able to manage all your friends, followers and add more from within the game! Easy to add friends and share your farm activities with friends.

Sneak Peek #2: New crops – Grapes and new Tree – Banana tree. You know that we all want  new product on the gameplay now. Here we go, Banana and product from banana will be added on the new gameplay.

Sneak Peek #3: New Products and Decorations! Now you can decorate your product and sale them to your neighbour for high price. Want to see more? Like Facebook Page

Sneak Peek #4: New options to manage Rose’s chores even better. New option to manage Rose’s work. 

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More coming , Stay Tune


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