Hay Day Update for 2018

New update is here on Hay Day game. Download your update on the gameplay.

Introducing to the Sanctuary: 
• BABY ANIMALS! After unlocking their parents, you can fill your sanctuary with these cute animals while marveling at their adorable animations
• Each one comes with its own unique unlockable decorations

Community Requested Features:
• Mystery Task Derby! Coming early next year
• New Derby town tasks
• New Fishing and Town boosters
• Improved Spin the Wheel event
• Stay tuned for new Fishing area events
• Special Holiday & New Year’s events: Earn exclusive decorations by participating

Quality of life Improvements? We have a whole boatload too!
• New “All” tab in Town Hall UI
• Ability to pick up several visitors from different towns in one go
• Min / Max price button for the Roadside shop
• Roadside Shop ads are now deselected by default
• New indicator (seagull) on boat when someone filled your crates for you
• Shop menu: Seasonal decorations are now ordered by theme by supercell

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