Hay Day Gameplay News April 18, 2014
Global Event for Easter Item : The Town is celebrating the season of the ester Bunnies with
massive carrots cake festival. Join to the Festival by providing Easter Cakes. Complete more
orders to join with Global Players. 


There will be prize and special gift for joining Global Event. Complete more personal goals in order to join global event with global players.


There’s a supply shortage in town! All truck deliveries completed during this event will
give you double coin rewards. Now get to producing those supplies, the townsfolk
really need you!! Complete as many as order you can!! Your goal will be on Hay Day
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Visitor Event!!

Event start -24/01/2014 for 4 days

Double up Coins 

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Fishing Event!!

Event Start on – 16/01/2014

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Popcorn Products!!

Events for 5 Days

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 Loom Products!!

Event for 7 Days

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Car Orders!!

Event for 5 days

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