Game Update Hay Day

Update is coming on Hay Day game. Stay tune for new item in Hay Day. See all the sneak peak news here.

Sneak Peek #1: Wildlife Sanctuary!
Collect puzzle pieces to unlock new animals in this area!

Sneak Peek #2: Meet the Giraffes! These tall & shy but cute giraffes will have a blast in your Sanctuary! Once you unlock them, you will get new fancy decorations with them!

Sneak Peek #3: Meet the Elephants!
They love to play hide and seek…
Do you think you can find them?
Also, there are new decorations available
once you unlock them!

Sneak Peek #4: Meet the Hippos!
These cuties love to play in the mud and nap
Beauty your Sanctuary with the decorations that unlock with them

Update now and get free 5 diamonds.


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