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hay day problem

New update and problem 



End of support for devices with iOS versions lower than 5.1.1

>> Stuck on Update? Android

>> Hay Day Loading Issue

>> Facebook Connection Problem

durbe bee

>>New updateUpdate on September 2015

>> New Derby Tasks? Unable to select ? 

>> Hay Day Support videos


>> Update on Android 


>> Update on IOS


>>IOS update and Hay Day notice

>> Troubleshooting & Device Settings

>> How to keep my farm safe?

>>> Don’t share your password 

hay day ios support

>> Read Terms & Services

>> Google plus issue notice

>> How do i change my profile picture?

>> Android update?

>> My game don’t load! 🙁

>> Lost my firm?

>> Why I still cannot login HayDay? account banned!

>> Hay Day Town Help!

>> How do i make Lures for fishing ?

>> How do i sell my product to other players?

>> How do i contact with Google Play Support?

>> Google Play Support 

>> How Can I Get more Diamonds?

>> How can i help my friends?

>> How do i create Neighborhood?

>> How do i invite my friends to join my Neghborhood?

>> How can i ban ned a member?

>> How do i do Chat with my Friends?

>> How to Join Neighbourhood?

>> Hay Day GameSupport 

>> Download Hay Day from Facebook App Page

>> How to take Screen Shot on Android Mobile?

>> Update the Game/Can’t update my game(Hay Day version 1.17.94) NEW

1) Update for Android NOW

2) Update for IOS NOW

Contact supercell with your Google Play / Game centre report(Email)

>> How to add my game on Google+ ?

>> How to get my Hay Day Farm back/ how to recover my game?

>> Update the game / Can’t update my game!!(Hay Day Version 1.16.148)

>> Please help Android – Facebook issue  or Facebook Connection on Android

>> Attach your farm to Game centre, Google+, or Facebook!

>> Hay Day Facebook Connection Problem Data Collection

>> Connection Errors on Android 4.3 (Samsung Galaxy S4)

>> How do i use my fishing / mystery net?

>> I ran out of wheat or other crops / how can i get more?

>> I harvested some crops but they are not in silo!!

>> How do i feed my animals?

>> Can i play Hay Day on Computer?

>> Why My pets are not in my farm?

>> How do i find indigo,pumkins,pizza and chocolate?

>> How trees and bushes works?

>> Why does it take so long to make some products?

>> Why my silo / barn is Full?

>> Where do i find saws . axes and other stuff for building?

>> Why some item is hard to find?

>> How do i get letter from Post man?

>> How do i add friends on my Game? *********

>> How do i Delete friends from my game?

>> How do i delete followers from my game?

>> How do i get THANK YOU letter?

>> How do i send THANK YOU letter to my Friends?

>> Help with thank you letter!!

>> How does fishing works?

>> I lost my diamonds/ how can i get them back?

>> How can send email to supercell?

>> How can i help my friends?

>> How can i play with multiple devices?

>> Missing feeds

>> If Tom does not work!!

>> Incorrect “Time to Produce” on Other People’s Boats?

>> When order on board Coins not increase in my account!

>> Don’t received your Diamonds you bought?

>> 2 Farms 1 Device?- If you lost your Farm

>> How to setup a new device with your farm or recover your farm.

>> Facebook Connect(Android)

>> Hay Day Android Known Issues (Updated: 11/25)

>> Hay Day On Android Troubleshooting Guide: Start Here

>> Minimum Device Requirements for Hay Day Android

>> Hay Day GOOGLE+

>> FYI notification r messed up!

>> Hyper notifications?

>> Questions / issues with game awards (update??)

>> Did not get my diamonds after payment!!!

>> Movie

>> Misunderstanding

>> Bug: Facebook connection

>> Diamond confirmation

>> Movie Ticket issue

>> Scarecrow stuck at mailbox

>> Have deleted HD from Android phone!!!

>> Facebook Connection

>> Solution for losing FB friend on Hay Day on Android!!

>> How to transfer Game Center friends from iOS to Android.

>> How to add friend in android?

>> How to Add Google+

>> Overheating my Android!

>> Missing Crop Field??

>> Version 1.14.89 fixes facebook

>> I lost my game. How can i get back?

>> Server problems

>> My 32 diamonds lost

>>  Lost game because game over writeen between 2 accounts

>> Game locks for a while when loading or scrolling through friends list

>> Boat leader board not working

>> Asking about my account- lost my game

>>  My sister cant play on my iPod

>>  Add Friend on Another Device

>> Purchasing issue

>> No contact us link ?

The NEW (2015) Complete Guide to: Hay Day Game Cheats AND Guide Tips & Tricks, Strategy, Walkthrough, Secrets, Download the game, Codes, Gameplay and MORE!

>>Can’t change farm name?

>> Missing coins


  • Lost my fram back

  • I want to continue the game in my new phone.is it possible??

  • Hey I need some help the new docs salon a ready buy 2 times and I lost my money and when the finish the time the 15 hours they appear like if I don’t buy nothing and I have to buying again and a ready buy 2 times what’s wrong with that and who is going a pay mupy money back that 100000 I ready lost

  • Hi. I have a new mobicel Ace Andriod phone, downloaded Hay Day, but when running it it keeps on the “Connecting” screen. I have uninstalled, rebooted and installed the game again and again but it still keeps on doing the same, any advice?

  • how do I place a message here to ask players to join my farm ?

  • I have played your game for a long time but every time I log in with my full barn nobody wants to buy anything I have so I log back out.

    Perhaps you can make the game more fun so I don’t just log back out in 2 seconds.

  • Completed a derby task but didn’t receive points for completing task. Need help!!!

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